A reboot…. a year and a half later!

Not just a year and a half, but add that year between opening up the WordPress account and that initial porebootsting!  I need to fulfill my promise, not to anyone reading as much as to myself.   I often tell people that I communicate better via writing than I do orally.  It is part of my personality based on my upbringing and background.   And my writing has been the best outlet for self expression and getting the multitude of thoughts that bound around my noggin.

Wonderful life changes have redirected me away from sitting at a monitor for unhealthy periods of time.  For those who haven’t heard, my lovely bride is no longer a part time wife!  Sue recently started

a position right here in town literally two blocks from our house.   No more do I say goodbye on Monday and welcome her back Friday afternoons.  The routine of life changes, but
if far healthier ways.   I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Something happened over the weekend that really solidified my thinking on the state of our politics.  The essay is rolling around in my head.  In fact it is that prompted me to dive back into starting this blog.  Look for the piece in the next couple days.

I appreciate all of your support in this endeavor, as much cheer leading as you can offer is welcome!

Finally starting on this thing.

More than a year ago, I opened up a WordPress account to forward the original goal of A Modern Diogenes.   Things started on facebook, but I have always wanted to simply use the facebook content as reference points for a regular blog.

I don’t know for sure where this is going, but the world is full of fodder for some looking for the truth in society!

Join me on this adventure, subscribe, comment, offer suggestions, whatever you want.

It is going to be a fun journey!